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Björn's | Raw Propolis Honey

Björn's | Raw Propolis Honey


Björn's Propolis Honey is for those who eat honey to stay healthy and combat colds or allergies. Propolis is made by bees from tree and plant resins, and is known for its remarkable ability to assist in the fight against viruses, bacteria, microbes and fungus. It's also a powerful antihistamine, ideal for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies. Local honey also contains local pollens that, when eaten in small amounts, can help prepare the body for allergy season. 

Propolis Honey is often eaten as an immune booster, a teaspoon a day. It can be used in culinary applications but should not be heated, as this can degrade the benefits of propolis. Pontus recommends eating a spoonful if you feel a cold coming on, to coat a sore throat and soothe coughs. You can read more about propolis and its benefits here.

Net Wt. 10.5 oz

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