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Björn's | Varietals Sage Honeycomb

Björn's | Varietals Sage Honeycomb


A honeycomb is honey fresh from the hive in its perfectly natural form. The hexagonal wax cells are built by honey bees in their hive to contain their stores of honey and pollen. Our comb contains pure, fresh California sage honey.

Honeycomb is a rare novelty treat and is great eaten by the spoonful. It also makes a stunning accompaniment to cheese plates or spread on fresh, warm bread. When you eat honeycomb, simply chew the wax. It can be swallowed.

Honeycomb should be eaten immediately, if possible. Otherwise, it should be stored at room temperature. During shipping, some shifting of the honeycomb can occur. Let the box stand upright on a flat surface for 10-15 minutes before serving.

Local honey also contains local pollens that, when eaten in small amounts, can help prepare the body for allergy season.

Each box is different, so the weight will vary, but it will be between 7 oz. and 10 oz


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