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 Born and raised in Northern Minnesota, Dylan McKay moved to Denver in 2013.   He worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry for 15+ years but later   found a new passion in the world of herbs, holistic healing, and self-care.


 Dylan joined forces with Jessica and Jose in 2017 to launch Terra Apothecary. He enjoys helping customers, new and old, to   find natural remedies and products to use in their daily lives. As an owner of the store, Dylan, along with his co-owners,   wanted to create a space where local artists and makers could showcase their products and creations to the community. Dylan   is also the person behind Terra Apothecary's hand-poured candles. Along with the soy wax, he pours his heart and soul into   them.

 Outside of Terra, Dylan can be found biking around the city,   enjoying live music every chance he can,   snuggling his cats,  or whipping up creative dishes in the kitchen for his wife,  Kimura.

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